About Ann Van Eps
Ann paints through the eyes of a child and like a child she cannot hide the love she has for Creation. She delights us with vibrant colors and scenes that are filled with pure love. Most of Ann's paintings are inspired through her dreams and visions during sleep and meditations. 

Dating back to the 1600's in Holland, the Van Eps family consists of artists, inventors and musicians. Ann was surrounded by the free flowing creativity of her father, pianist, composer and arranger for the movie industry, Robert Van Eps. Among his works is the Wizard of Oz, and among his music composition students was John Williams. Ann's Grandfather Fred Van Eps, a pioneer in the recording industry, worked with Edison and holds numerous recording equipment patents. Ann's uncle, guitarist George Van Eps, is in the Jazz Hall of Fame, and grandmother Florence Wolf taught art at Oxford. Ann's father, her greatest inspiration, died in 1986 and passed the baton of creativity to Ann. 

One night in August 1987, she was jolted from mediation by a ball of light that struck her in the heart and solar plexus, and floated her in a beautiful loving light. Thus began a series of dreams in which visions to be painted came with detailed instructions on color, brushes and techniques. When she put the information to work, it was as though she had always known.

Loving mother of two beautiful daughters, Ann enjoys painting in her quiet mountain studio retreat in California. Her loving husband, Joe inspired by her painting, created magical gardens all around her studio that look like one of her paintings. Ann and Joe take regular trips to the East end of Moloka'i, where they reconnect with their Hawaiian roots and the spirit of paradise.

Ann's love for all children, and the delight and joy they experience when viewing her work, convinced Ann to produce stickers. Over one million sold the first six months. Ann realized originals and limited edition prints could only be enjoyed by a few, so she formed her own publishing company to hug the world with art. Ann publishes greeting cards that are distributed world-wide and work is in progress to produce a series of children's books. Her artwork has appeared in movies, videos, and on the covers of books, magazines, videos, and CD's. 

Ann has done many benefits for Dolphins, Whales and Wolves. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Ann Van Eps Fine Art Greeting Cards is contributed to the Earth Foundation for education and environmental research being done at Colleges and Universities across America.

An example of the magnetism of Ann's work happened at the 1993 American Indian Art and Western Relic Show. As a favor to a friend, Ann brought "Sacred Journey" to help decorate a booth. When she returned to pick it up, the painting was decorated with the 1st Place Ribbon, Fine Art Division! 

Ann's art can be summed up in a poem she wrote in 1996:

"There is a song the soul does sing
in quiet times to hear
It sings of love divine and pure
And lets our eyes see clear

It sings the song - we're of one heart
That beats to a greater theme
Where joy abounds
And truth surrounds
And love does reign supreme."

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