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The Arthurian Legend speaks of an English town called Camelot, where King Arthur was said to have lived and was raised by Merlin the Magician. He was raised to reign, to be King, in this land called Camelot. King Arthur and his court of knights would meet at what they called, "The Round Table," to celebrate and discuss the goings on in Camelot.

Camelot is characterized as a time and place that had high ideals. It was a place of excitement, of purpose and culture. In this land peace reigned and love prevailed. In Camelot all was well and wonderful, life was grand and good. Camelot is a place were people would come together to celebrate their prosperity of wisdom, wealth, health and happiness.

In the Wizard's Wonderland, the land of Camelot lives on for a new age ... 

Camelot Castle Image for "What is Camelot and where is Camelot found?

What is Camelot, and where is it found?

Camelot is a voyage into the mysterious mystical mist of mastery. Here in the Wizard's Wonderland the Arthurian Legend comes alive. In Camelot we thrive.

Camelot is the land of magic and wonder, of mystery and mysticism, of magicians and wizards, of seers and sorcerers, of love and bounty. It is where the veils of limitation are lifted. Camelot is where the masters of limitation become unlimited masters. It is where the science of deliberate creation comes into full powerful practice. Camelot is where we love in profound ways, where we have found nirvana, and can graciously receive of those things on earth as it is in heaven. Camelot is a feeling place, a place of feeling gloriously good, and having good feelings towards all who dwell there. Camelot is where you take your worries and replace them with wonder.

Living in Camelot transports us to other realms within the imagination, beyond where any limitation dwells. Camelot is where mastering magic and transcendent transformation takes place. Camelot is where your altered state of ecstasy and euphoria are found. It is the land where your deepest heart felt dreams and desires become realized as reality. Camelot is where your adventurous visions take shape and form... and become forms of magnificent manifestations.

In Camelot you look forward to and embrace the unknown without question, knowing only goodness and happiness can find you. This is the land where true enlightenment takes place, as you place yourself nonphysically, right where you most want to be, before you ever get there physically.

Camelot means looking forward with anticipation and excitement with what is sure to come, no matter what has become.

HERE YOU ARE THE POWER and AUTHORITY! In Camelot you reign royally... on earth as it is in heaven, because you know it is your birthright as a Royal heir. Here you design masterful creations, where you KNOW all is well and wonderFULL.

Camelot is a haven of harmony and happiness. In Camelot you spin webs of wonder into being. It is where the secrets of creation and mastery lie, and where anyone who wants to know is welcome. Camelot is where the ancient mystery school teachings come alive and thrive. You are worthy of anything here, even if you feel you are unworthy. You are that royal, powerful and free. You are so free you can choose unworthiness, limitation, lack, loneliness, and even the idea that you are not from the family of Royalty. In Camelot you are loved unconditionally, never condemned or made to feel anything less than wholly who you are. You are lovingly allowed in all ways, always!

All you experience within Camelot, becomes your experience as Camelot. There is no lack or fear of not enough in Camelot.

There is bountiful plenty in this land, as Camelot has no limitations. Camelot is where you joyously, continuously practice the art or craft of creator. It is remembering that you were made in the image of the creator, and that you as creator are always making more creations out of your images.

If you thought Camelot was out of reach, or only a figment of your imagination, you have not touched your heart's home touchstone. Here you awaken to your abundant successes, the birthright of all heirs to the family of Royalty. Camelot is where you bring all YOUR hearts desires home for the having. Camelot is home, as home is where the heart is.

While in Camelot you follow what your heart feels is true for you, with every breath and heartbeat.

In Camelot you are at home with who you are, and who you are becoming, because whatever you are desirous of, is who you are!

Camelot is where change and metamorphosis are unparalleled as you are launching the true you, more than ever before. Camelot is where mystical magicians play, as they play with practicing vanishing acts, that of alchemy. Camelot is a very old and new world, where you are in the world but not of it! Camelot lives in accelerated times, those times of awakening and remembering our true origins and identities, on a mass monumental scale and scope.

Camelot is where visionaries and mapmakers fly into the lighter, faster frequencies, unmatched other than in the nonphysical realms of immense expansion of consciousness, where things glisten, glow, grow and flow -- effortlessly, easily, magically, NATURALLY.

Camelot is where you are awake to your good, alert to your creativity, and aware of the power you possess!

Camelot takes you into the beyond, into the realm of the unfathomable Universe, where anything is possible, where you go beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. The Universe takes you there because it wants to move you beyond your limits each time you manifest, only to bring you MORE of who you are, as it is re-coded and recorded within every cell. In Camelot you reveal the future as you live it NOW! Now you have moved into the new, into NEW sensational heights, into boundless, endless expansion of new unlimited views on the holographic horizons of the YOUniverse! You are moving yourself beyond the beyond and back...back home, back to the kingdom of Camelot within.

Marelin the Magician
Author of Merlin's Message
Founder of the Creating Camelot Club

Copyright © 1999 Marelin the Magician / WizardWonderland

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