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1. What kind of questions are in the club?

All types of questions. In fact we have questions that range from popular subjects like Sex, Money, Relationships, as well as those that are of a mystical nature ... I.e., how can I time travel? The club was literally founded on and is largely made up of pressing questions that have been on club members' minds for since its inception.

2. How long has the Oracle Marelin been counseling others by way of these mystical teachings and channelings?

Marelin has been counseling others for over 20 years!

3. Can you share a little more on Marelin's background?

The Oracle known as Marelin the Magician was trained with arguably one of best Channels in the World, Daryl Anka (Bashar), and has been a long time student of some of the premier teachers and channels of our time ... Seth, Dr. Peebles, Abraham, Bashar as well as many others.

Marelin has her own unique style and channels a combination of Dr. Peebles, Abraham, Bashar and others, in what she also refers to as Merlin Energy or informally as "the guys." Her style is very playful and light-hearted, yet profoundly insightful, and powerful.

These factors are part of what makes her channelings different than anything you may have experienced before. The above combination is also a testimonial to her powerful channeling abilities ... in the sense that she can blend multiple energies into one awesome stream of channeled information, in a way that is very personal, gentle and loving at the same time.

4. How long has the Creating Camelot Club Been in operation?

The club was first launched in 1998. It has been serving members of the global community for over 11 years. We have members in over 24 countries.

5. What type of person does the Creating Camelot Club cater to?

The club attracts and supports people from all walks of life ... including business professionals, artists, actors, stay at home Mom's, store owners, entrepreneurs, 9 to 5'ers, and more. The club also has a particularly strong member base of teachers, counselors, practitioners, authors, writers, and others who want to "master the craft of creator" and "spread the message" in their own lives and practices.

6. Is Marelin available for personal phone readings?

The club also be looked at as "group channelings" ... as every person's question can be of benefit to other members, and addresses their life questions either directly or indirectly. But Marelin is available for personal counseling/coaching through her website. You can also contact us for more information.

7. Can you tell me in a couple sentences why I could benefit from joining the Camelot Club?

You will be taking a powerful step toward reestablishing creative control of your life experience, and joining a "group energy" that is filled with unconditional love and support, for everything that is important to you. Consistency is a key element in creating the life you most want to live; by joining the club you are provided with a "liberating library" of support for creating positive change.

8. When you say, "reestablishing" creative control," what do you mean by that?

You are always in control of your life experience even if you are not aware of it. As an individuated aspect of the Creator, your nature is to create. You don't have to do anything to be a Creator ... you just are. However, since this time-space reality has the illusion of the time element, you don't always realize you are creating what you receive in terms of manifestation. The club nurtures a consciousness that helps you change the "reflections" that show up in your life as physical conditions, experiences, situations, people and possessions ... that aren't your highest choice or preference ... to those that truly excite you.

9. When I join the club, how long will I be a member?

Once you join you are always a member. There are no monthly or yearly dues -- so you can enjoy the club for years to come. The club can support you as long as you want or need it.

10. Can I ask new questions in the Club?

Back in 1998, the club was started based in large part on Member questions. For 6 plus years, it grew to be quite a liberating library of information. Information that is still very much applicable today -- perhaps more so than ever. The club is really an archive of those "original sessions" (approx 1998-2005). Since the club fulfilled its original purpose of becoming a rich library of empowering member-based subjects -- Marelin has since shifted her focal point into her " Unusual Therapy" business.

Marelin is available for personal coaching/counseling. For more info, visit her UnusalTherapist website.

Don't worry though -- you'll have plenty of information to keep you satisfied for quite some time! And you can schedule a session with Marelin for her vary reasonable rates at any time. Again see her UnusualTherapist site for details or contact WizardWonderland Customer Service for more information.

We hope you enjoyed this FAQ!

If you have any questions not addressed here or need clarity on anything shared, let us know by contacting us.

WizardWonderland Staff

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"I truly enjoy the club! There are good examples of everyday problems that most people face ... along with new ways of viewing and solving those problems. Very nicely done." - Michele B

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