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Learn from the magic and wisdom of Merlin the Magician.
Utilize the "Royal Rule of Reflection," "the Charm of Making,"
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Create your own Camelot and MASTER the Craft of Creator.

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"I have to tell you Marelin, that this information is the best I have found. Just wanted you to know how much I love, and actually use the information you share. It makes so much sense. If only we all could have access to this knowledge, right from birth."

"I am truly amazed at the things you write. I have spent a fortune on so many self help books and tapes that haven't even come close to teaching me what I've learned so far from you."

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The Creating Camelot Club contains a liberating library of nearly a 1000 pages of empowering information, and answers to the many questions posed to Merlin through the Oracle/Medium Marelin the Magician. The Club is a course in magic of the mystical kind. Within it you will discover how to turn the key to creation, and unlock the mysteries as to why you get what you get in life, and how you can then go about creating the life you most want to live.

You are a royal heir to all you want!

In the Creating Camelot Club we do for the soul what we do for our vehicles, both our bodies and car. We go to the grocery store to get food that turns into fuel for our bodies ... to sustain and nourish their very existence. We also do that for our cars by going to the service station and gassing up. Here in the Club we feed our hearts and minds with the fuel that allows us to thrive, not just survive.

As modern day wizards and magicians of a mystical kind, we get into the specifics of how to create a more magical life. Here the Mystical Magician in you comes alive. A Mystical Magician is one who is in control of his or her reality. Magicians create what they want or desire to have, no matter what they have or see that they don't have. They know how to perform vanishing acts, when something is less than the way they would want it to be. They know how to apply alchemy and turn what is not so golden into gold. They love unconditionally (meaning they do not put up with anything other than the way they want things to be) ... which allows them to operate in a fast frequency of vibration, where manifestation happens fast.

As a club member you will become increasingly
aware of the enormous power you possess.

Mystical Magicians cast deliberate spells that bring relief, reduce stress and tension, by releasing resistance. They purposely speak the "charm of making." They know how to "go with the flow" and "let things go," with a wave of their magnetic magic wands. They mix up magical potions as energy in motion. In using their recipe to receive, they brew up stews that have great success in bringing about their dreams and desires.

I have come to know through the application and integration of the material shared in the club ... you can materialize your heart's desires without effort or hard work. That's what makes this magic, because magic is never associated with struggle, hard work, or effort.

Here in the Club you have a unique advantage: You get to "listen in on" the answers that Club Members have asked since the club's inceptive (over 6 years of content)! Here in the Creating Camelot Club you feed and fuel your desires, your life's dreams, by servicing your Soul with invaluable tips, tricks and tools for creating a life where magic becomes the rule, rather than the exception.

Let the magic begin ... it all starts within!

As a Club Member, you receive ...

100 issues of the Mystical Magician Musine. These "musines" are inspired by member questions, and serve as guidance in how to practice mastering the craft of creator on a daily basis. This is where any questions you have that are three pages or less in length will be posted. Both personal and general questions are addressed.

35 + Mastering the Craft of Creator Articles These articles are intended, through integration of this material, to create a life where magic becomes the rule rather than the exception to the rule. Members also receive ongoing articles when they are made available.

30 + Powerful Mystical Magician Apprentice sessions Each in-depth session is 6 to 10 pages of life altering information … that to our knowledge can only be found here in this club. These are real questions about important issues that Club Members have.

Merlin's Money Magic Forum: Since the question of how we can attract more money comes up more than most questions, we have a forum just to address those quests. This is where you will find Empowering Articles and Quests on the Subject of Manifesting More Money.

Ruby Red and Emerald Green forums. These are quests and articles that have to do with self love, finding love, attracting a mate, relationships, transcending traumatic childhood pain, and changing old patterns.

Merlin's Message; Reawakening and Remembering, a companion "how to" handbook for creating your own Camelot. (Electronic version in Adobe PDF -- is instantly available with your order!)

So, are you ready to brew of up your recipe to receive of all that you dream and desire?

100s of hours of high qualify content have gone into the club
... that you won't find anywhere else!

Value: Priceless

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"Thank you Marelin for your expert advise. I read your teachings everyday. The information is sinking in, and I am feeling better in every day!"

"Being a member of your club has created a new me!!!! I just love all of the wisdom and knowledge you share with others. Thank you for your support."

"By golly, I'm starting to "get" it thanks to you wonder full souls. Just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation for what you are doing. I can feel the joy you are in and have in the "work" (play/creating) you are doing. Such an inspiration to me. Thank you from my heart."

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A little note from Wizard Jeff, Webmaster of WizardWonderland:

Dear Friend ... In this Unique and Private Member Club ... of course you'll get immediate answers to all the pressing questions: How to attract more money, manifest a good career or job, attract the perfect mate ... (even if you have one), lose that weight, and all the other primary desires most people have.

But what's more is that you will be in contact with a very POWERFUL SOURCE -- that of the Magic and Wisdom of Merlin the Magician, through the Oracle/Medium Marelin the Magician, who shares through a very unique and magical way on how to achieve your heart's desires. If you have read her book, "Merlin's Message," you'll know it's unlike anything you've ever encountered.

The club expands upon the powerful little book and offers many "tricks, twists and tools" for getting the information to work for you. However it is through your daily application that you will make the most of the information. And that is why the club is there to provide a pool of powerful insights and inspiration you can tap into at any time of day or night. Sometimes reading just one quest or article can renew your spirit and make all the difference in your world at the time. Continued application can have big rewards as our members have shown.

Plus there are many subjects on all kinds of topics you will have access to (see above for examples). All the information shared has a tangible, loving, magical (even playful) energy unique to WizardWonderland, Merlin's Message and the Creating Camelot Club.

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