Your Very Existence Depends on the
Existence of Law of Attraction

By Marelin the Magician
Author of Merlin's Message and
Founder of the Creating Camelot Club

The order of the Universe is to expand and include, and it is currently expanding at such a rate of speed that it may appear to be in chaos. In order for you to be physical, the order of the physical Universe says that there must be a law that keeps things in order. If there were not this law of attraction—there would be utter and complete chaos. The Universe as we know it would collapse into itself, if it could not do what it is designed to do, expand and include, naturally producing MORE. Infinity is about more. There can be no less, lack or limitation by law of attraction. It only seems that way when someone adds MORE (through their energy flow) to what seems to be lacking, missing or in limitation.

The order of the Universe and the law of attraction says that you, as an aspect of this infinite, give the orders and attract the deliveries, like them or not. What goes up must come down, and what goes out must come back, so you can stay here in the physical. These are the laws of physics, that of gravity and attraction. They are everywhere and in all things. If something goes up, or out, it has to come down or back, because if things did not come down or back, there would be nothing left, including you. So you see these laws have to be so that you can be. They have to exist for your very existence.

Thoughts produce invisible waves of emotions that send vibrational frequency tones as they produce energy in motion, much like the ocean. The waves automatically wash in and out, as does the tide. All things have a pattern of returning to the same likeness. Take for example the seasons: Spring flows into Summer and Fall into Winter, and then back to Spring again. The sun rises and sets. The moon has its cycle. There is a natural order, rhythm and flow that runs through all of life—as what goes around comes around.

The law of attraction undeniably, consistently, irrefutably shows us its existence in all that exists. You cannot, nor would you want to, try to change the seasons or make the sun to do anything other than it does. You could no more go out into the ocean and manipulate this powerful source, than you can manipulate the power source you were born with to do anything other than what it naturally does … attract MORE!

These laws or universal principles demonstrate the physical properties that govern or regulate the Universe. These laws allow you to be able to operate or function here in the physical. The law of attraction makes no demands upon you and has no conditions. It operates on demand without conditions. It demands that those who use it, and that means everyone here in physicality, be supplied with what they send out as emotional requests. The law automatically draws to you that which you are saying you are, because that is what it is designed to do. It lovingly, without conditions, gives you all things. It kindly allows you to do what you came here to do, create! That brings about conditions and things that are both desirable and undesirable, depending on the output of your automatic energetic flow.

It is how one surfs these waves that brings them what they get in life. This very powerful law says that there must be MORE of what creators naturally do—create through their energy flow. They do that by what goes out from them, which is then automatically drawn back to them—through this very energy flow.

The wild flower remains the flower that blooms again and again. It returns to its natural self. The garden variety, if given the nurturing, does the same. Nurturing Source energy flow, gives and sustains all life force. Whatever remains within your cellular code, nurtured by you, blooms again. You literally sustain the life of all things you do and don't want to have in your life. If you want something else to bloom, you must go back to your natural non-resistant energy flow. It is the one you were born with, that you might have forgotten, because of all the distractions of being here in the physical.

You simply cannot function outside of this law of attraction. It is what gives you MORE of what you want to remove, take away or subtract from your experience. When humans do not allow themselves to function in their natural state, it causes dis-ease, despair, disappointment, discomfort, confusion, conflict, frustration and fear.

The law is unemotional. It does not matter to this law that is constantly, continuously in effect, what you do that causes it to show itself to you. The law merely brings you the self you are saying you are … through these waves of energy produced by thoughts. Your life or the life you breathe into anything could not be, if it were not for the law of attraction.

Law of attraction is the force of the power source that allows you to be as you choose to be. It only gives you back what you give yourself, consciously awake to its force of energy or not. It forces you with the power source that courses through you, to take a look at the powerful source of energy you are, by what you attract to you!

You are not some weak one with no powers, even when you may feel powerless. You are so powerful you can choose to think you are weak and have no power, but you do. It is so powerful, this law, that it can demonstrate to you ways for you to believe that you are weak, if you believe you are.

If you choose to argue in any way, by giving reasons or excuses for why you are experiencing any lack or limitation, you will find that you get to keep what those experiences are, by law of attraction. You get to be right about everything that goes out from you. There is no getting around that you are powerful and loved, no matter what you do, and the law of attraction proves that to you.

I am Marelin the Magician, and you dear fellow creator, are a magician as well.*

Marelin the Magician
Author of Merlin's Message
Founder of the Creating Camelot Club

Copyright © 1999 Serious Comedy Publications

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