Magic Wand

If you don't think you own a wand, I invite you to play along. Your wand is very real and extremely powerful. Pay attention to where you point it, because just like magic, what you find yourself pointing at, in time will appear right before you, even if you'd rather not see that something. This is where hardships come into play, when you forgot to play*

How much time do you spend playing in your imagination as opposed to how much time you spend looking at the reality that is already made manifest? How can much change if you see to it, by your very creative say so, that things have not changed. It defies the physics of Law of Attraction!

Most people spend a great deal more time looking at and listening to how others created their dreams come true...via music, books, business success, sports, television and movies, rather than in dreaming their own desires into being. You literally pay others for dreaming. And that is all fine and good, but have you forgotten about your dreams if they haven't come true?

I am here to tell you that if you spent just half as much time paying attention to your creations, as you do involved in others creations, many more of you would be living your dreams in manifest form. Imagine what you could do with spending as much time? Things beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations would come to you, because you went beyond where most are willing to go.

Do you have a dream or desire that you know is you, but it hasn't come true? Then let me show you the way, the way of the wizard, to bring forth that which is MORE of who you are, who you know yourself to be if the truth be known. It can be shown if you show the Universe who you are, who you had every intention of being, and are remembering more fully now.

~ Merlin

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