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Here is a sample of what you will find in the Creating Camelot Club, where mystical magicians and metaphysical wizard's play. By practicing the craft of creator, we are manifesting all we want physical reality to be.  

Operating From 3rd, 4th and 5th Density Realities

Many of you, if you are reading this, have moved from the 3rd density reality, and are now operating in the fourth, all while moving and thrusting forward into the fifth density reality.

Those who play here in the Wizard's Wonderland are operating in the fourth density reality, coming from third density. In the third you are not fully aware that you are creator. This is where you easily find feelings of guilt, blame, shame, fear, frustration, and all the negative feelings that keep people stuck in third density reality.

They feel things outside of them are causing what comes to them, that surely things must be happening to them that have nothing to do with them. They will stay there until they ask and desire to know why life is like it is, which is so often filled with those things they do not want.

When you begin to take self-responsibility, knowing that you are creator, you have moved into fourth density. If you are reading this, that means you are either peeking into the fourth, or you have already arrived.

Even if you do not always operate in the fourth, shifting back to the third at times, which is normal considering your conditions and circumstances... you are nonetheless aware of that, when you remember what you are doing through your feelings. You are still primarily operating in the fourth, through your awareness of what you are doing, even if you find yourself operating in third density.

The fact that you have found yourself there, means that you have stepped across the threshold of enlightenment. Now you automatically begin to live in the fourth density reality more of the time.

You are aware that you have moved from your fourth density reality by the way that you feel, and you can then feel your way back to fourth density. The more you do that, the easier it is for you to stay in the fourth density reality. Thus the easier it is for you to bring those things you desire to experience, into your experience. This is when creating gets fun!

In doing this ... the return to your forth density, it not only allows your dreams to come true, it assists others in allowing more of who they are to come true as well. Why? Because you as the ONE from the ONE, have just added to the thought mass that allows others, including you, to more easily tap into or access those fourth density thoughts. As you lift into the faster frequency densities, you lift the whole of All That Is in existence! You are now making a huge difference in both your personal and planetary worlds.

The 5th density reality, that of the unconditional loving allowance kind (not to be confused with the old definition of putting up with people or things ... that are not the way you want them to be), is the fastest frequency that you can operate in while being physically incarnate. Friends, the faster the frequency, the faster the fruition or manifestation.

In the fifth density reality you walk in the light, because you have included and allowed the darkness to be part of the whole of who you are. You have integrated and balanced both the masculine and feminine, the negative and positive, the active and receptive, and so on ... into becoming more of a whole functioning being that allows wholly who you are to be. This is your natural magical state of being. You are aware that you are light in crystalline form. And in that form, you are illuminated in radiance and resonance, and you can then form anything into being. This is trans-form-ation at its finest.

Operating in fifth density is where you allow the vibrancy of the speed of love (unconditional in its nature), which is faster than the speed of light, to become a reality. This is where metaphysical wizards and master mystical magicians love to play.

This is where magic becomes the rule rather than the exception. This is where miracles become the ordinary, rather than the extraordinary. This density is the nonresistant state, where you allow the flow that takes you to anywhere you want to go, easily and effortlessly.

Magic is our natural state, and it comes naturally when we are resonating or vibrating in the state of unconditional love, that of 5th density, where we have mastered the craft of creator.

Magical manifesting the mystical magician way, the way of the metaphysical wizard, is what the Creating Camelot Club and Merlin's Message is all about. The Creating Camelot Club was designed to keep us aligned with living in the unconditional love flow. Care to join us in the fun?

Love in the brightest illuminating light ~ Marelin and the magic and wisdom of Merlin


... Merlin's magical gateway to getting all you want physical reality to be!

Copyright (c) 2000 Serious Comedy Publications

Thank you for visiting our wonderland, wizard!

Wizard Wonderland Front Door | Site Map

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