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Can I Create Energy?

The Spirit of Money

Instant Manifestation

Black magic can be tragic

What is your wildest spell?

Pentagram Power

How can I shrink in size?

How do I become a wizard?

Can we have it the way we want it?

In Search of the Holy Grail

Desire to Love and be Loved

What is the meaning of life?

Chaos Theory and building an Astral Temple

How do I become a witch?

Why are animals abused?

What does Merlin say about reincarnation?

Dreams of becoming a Magician

Shape Shifting

Custody Battle

The Gap Between the Rich and Poor

Does Manifestation Work on All Levels?

Mind Moving Matter

What Magic Do I Know?

The Negative Ego and Karmic Debt

Satan Masquerades

Opening a Business

The Wizard's Cap

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