Marelin the Magician  
Marelin 7/97

Marelin the Magician is one who loves empowering others, and believes in living a magical life. In Marelin's words, "we are all magicians who sometimes forget how truly powerful we are."

Her first book, Merlin's Message, is what she calls, "a companion handbook for creating your own Camelot and mastering the craft of creator." In it, she shares with others how to open up to their natural magical power, as wise wizards and mystical magicians.

At the age of six or seven, I remember standing in the woods on our farm in Pennsylvania, looking up to the sky and asking ... Why? I knew that there had to be a meaning or purpose for this life experience. From then on in ... I became a detective, delving and looking into the mysteries of the human experience. As I questioned, the answer came.

My quest told me that because I was created, I was naturally made in the image of creation, that also creates. So if my being an image, a chip off the old creator's block, that was creating; how was I doing that ... I asked. In that asking I subsequently attracted the information, from many sources, that allowed me to create with deliberate intent and focus. This was fun, but at times I still did not get the fuller picture. As soon as I thought I knew something, guess what ... I realized I barely knew a thing.

Oh, but that was just the beginning of my expansion and awareness of what I call the craft of creator. As I came to know more and more through experience, I knew I was on to something BIG, that still to this day gets richer, even more profound!

As I pondered and asked, things all new, like nothing I had ever heard or read before, came to me. (There is really nothing new in the universe, but any of us who take from what is already there, and put it together differently, is what makes it all new, fresh, inviting, and inspiring).

This was really exciting stuff! What was even more exciting was the idea of telling others about my new found discoveries that seemed to be buried deep within. And because I followed that excitement, compiled with the vision of empowering many others, it took on a life of its own. That excitement and vision gave me the very juice to start to write.

I never really thought of myself as a writer, as my father was the scholarly English professor in our family. Then a light of encouragement went on, as I recalled that both my high school teacher and college professor said I was a very good, interesting writer. They both said I was talented, and I blew it off, never dreaming at the time I would one day make great use of my gift. Thanks guys. What you said gave me the strength and courage to do what I now love to do.

My style is a bit untraditional (I've been called a "piece of work" on many occasions in my life), as you will see if you read any of my writing. I am silly, that is why I call myself Marelin the Magician and my self-publishing company, Serious Comedy.

I  wanted to make the information as easy to understand and comprehend as possible, while making it informative and entertaining at the same time. I knew that in a complex world, operating in a time zone, you have to keep things simple, concise, and most of all playful. So with that intention what came forth was Merlin's Message. The book is designed as a reference handbook, and if used, will return you to your natural state of magic.

You can hear what you know is truth, but if you do not put something into practice, you cannot master what that is. So I can only guarantee that this message will change your life, if you utilize and integrate the information therein.

Mastery of the craft of creator is at hand; now is the time to reawaken and remember. The power is in your hands.

Love in the brightest illuminating light, Marelin.