This meditation came about for the purpose of ...

Further activating your imagination.
Getting more into the flow of endless abundance.
And acquiring a deeper feeling of self love!

This meditation takes you on a magical journey deep within, deeper than you might realize at first, because it is a meditation within a meditation. There you will allow deep cellular change, thus bringing you to the most relaxing, tension-releasing feelings of Well-being and beauty.

You will embark upon a journey with the dolphins, where they take you to a mystical place within the sea of all possibilities. There you will meet Merlin, the master magician, as he takes you even deeper, by closing your "inner eyes." From there you will journey into the deepest remembrance of Self, awakening your magnificence, and endless expanding abundance—as a royal heir.

Merlin continues as he guides you into the realm of unconditional love. There you are invited to love yourself more fully, as you bring to light the illuminating, beautiful, worthy being you inherently are.

Marelin narrates this 20 minute audio cassette, with background music and mystical sounds, including dolphins at play.

Awaken the magician within you, as you take this journey into deeper intimacy with Self.

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