What Listeners are saying ...

"I love this tape. I have to order another one because my toddler got a hold of the first one :) Thanks for making this wonderful tape."

Hi Marelin,

I am totally enjoying this tape. I appreciate you and all our friends for this. I am so excited and having so much fun with this meditation.

Hazel, C.
Edmonton, CANADA

Dear Marelin...

I just received your wonderful tape about an hour ago. The moment it arrived I knew I had something very special in my hands. As it began to play, I started to relax to such a level that I felt light as a feather! What a wonderful feeling and a great stress reliever too!

Your soothing voice, the amazing soundtrack and the sounds of the dolphins make this a superb tape for getting in touch with who we really are. It's a transformational experience... one I plan to relive many times over. I've listened to many meditation tapes before and always enjoy the experience but yours has got to be one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I could literally see the light as I felt my entire body vibrating at a much higher frequency. What a natural high!

Your tape is a great reminder of the main idea behind Merlin's Message, which I'm sure I've read at least 17 times. Not because I'm a slow learner, but because there's so much there and ever time I read it I feel fabulous all over!

Thank you so much! It's people like you who make this world such a wonderful place.

Warmest Personal Regards,

Robert B.
Pickering, Ontario Canada

Greetings BeLoved Marelin,

I received your meditation tape yesterday...it is a unique and wonderful tape, with beautiful music, and many word guides I could Truly relate to and remember. Thank you for sharing the love with Us. Your passions are beautifully expressed. They come from Spirit, but it requires a beautiful, awakened being to express them with "her personal flare". I send love and hugs and splashes and a snow ball your way! :o)

With laughter and smiles...

Eric B.
Colorado, USA

Marelin: I just rec'd the pkg from you. I am just coming out of the meditation and felt urged to e-mail. As I went deeper, after touching the heart site, as directed, I felt this familiar feeling well up, that produced quiet tears that rolled down my cheeks. The whole tape felt so familiar, and when Merlin presented the gold key, I could sense it in my hand as I reached for it. The scene of playing with the dolphins produced more of this response and I felt their energies, as I remembered that this is a favorite way of my playing in the ocean...laying on my back , arms stretched wide, feet straight out, and no movement other than that of floating, looking at the Sun and rolling with the movement..the Flow. You are a blessing, Marelin, Lady Magic. You have a beautiful, soothing voice.

Beatrice J. C.
Colorado, USA

I received your mediation tape yesterday. I have listened to it five times already. It is exactly what I needed in my life right now. Your voice is as beautiful as your words. Thank you for making this powerful meditation available to those who want to do as you say ... get more into their imagination, the flow of endless abundance, and a deeper feeling of self love. It certainly is doing so for this one, who is opening up to loving himself more.

Bill H.
Chicago, IL