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Wizard's spinning capMerlin the magician, the mystical, magical wizard of wizards, only calls those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Here in the Wizard's Wonderland there is only one ruler, YOU, and one rule. You drew this to you by the Royal Rule of Reflection.

You are reawakening to the wise wizard and master magician you are, that we all are and sometimes forget. You are coming to remember that magic is your natural state, the rule rather than the exception to the rule.

Magicians and wizards play with molding, sculpting, shaping, and directing energy on purpose. It is not for the squeamish. It takes great courage to know you are creator, to be a purposeful and more fully awakened conscious creator!

About this Site and the Magic of
Merlin Archetype Energy.

You have in your hands, at your very finger tips, electomagnetic energy and the ability to create, shape or mold that energy into any reality you desire. It is in fact the very same energy that creates and flows through the entire infinite cosmos. That is the meaning behind the picture on the cover of Merlin's Message.

Upon your birth you came with an incredible force or energy Source. While you are here sometimes you forget how powerful you are, and that is what the Wizard's Wonderland is all about. We want to remind people to use their power that they already have and are using, to create even more magical lives.

Wizards are aware of their enormous power and make great use of their power by using it intentionally, deliberately, and on purpose. Mystical magicians know the energy they flow...takes them right to where they want to go. Often, what happens is that people who aren't aware that they are a wizard, flow their energy to where they don't want to go, and that is what creates anything less than a magical life.

Here in the Wizard's Wonderland, through the many ways to play, we are bringing into balance, the masculine and feminine principles within all of us, both male and female. When we balance the whole of who we are, we come to know our natural state of magic, because we are then operating or functioning as a whole being. When we attempt or try to function or operate with only a part of the whole, we naturally feel less than wholly who we are, which doesn't feel very magical.

If we, as individuals or as a collective whole, integrate and thus apply the information given here in the Wizard's Wonderland, it can assist us in bringing us back into balance. When we are balanced we come from our center, our third eye point of view, and in that state we can create anything, easily and effortlessly, as life was intended to be. It seems like magic because it is so out of the ordinary.

The Merlin archetype energy is very much that of balancing both the feminine and masculine energy principles, by more fully integrating the feminine principle that has been largely forgotten by most. It is crucial to critical mass if people want to get more of the things they desire to have in life, by going back to where all life to anything begins. It is about going back to the womb of wisdom and cave of creation, deep within. If one decides to re-member all parts of the whole, our natural state of being, magic becomes the rule rather than the exception.

When the feminine part of self is reawakened and remembered, there they will find the realm of magic, wonder--the wizard, the alchemist, seer, sorcerer or mystical magician.

Merlin represents the occult sciences, that of the mystic arts and alchemy, knowing that anything can be changed, as we return to our natural magical state of being. We remember that our outer world is merely a mirror of what we project from within, awake or asleep to the awareness that we are creators, creating with every breath we take and with every beat of our moment at a time consists of only one moment.

Where does Merlin and Camelot exist, really? In the land of your dreams and visions, where wizards love to play. They are an idea that brings us to a feeling place, that dwells within us, in our imaginative world, the world within, where all magic must begin. This is where we tune into and thus turn the key to creation. We unlock mysteries that tell us why we get what we get in life, and how we can then go about getting what most excites us.

Those who feel pulled to Merlin energy are those who want to re-member the whole of who he or she is! They have had enough of not enough, lack, limitation, hard work, dis-ease, struggle, suffering, and pain. They know there is something else to re-member, and so much want to reawaken the power of the feminine principle. This has nothing to do with separation of the sexes ... but rather the fuller integration of the feminine energetic principle within all of us, both the male and female.

If you are pulled to read the Message, you were part of the pull for me to write it. It came about through you as well. We are all in this to-get-her, to return to our power by balancing and thus functioning as the whole being we know we are, which Merlin energy is a BIG part of, once a-gain. This information is so old that it seems all new again. And equally, it comes from our future...all happening in our NOW.

Merlin archetype energy loves word play, coming through in playful riddle, rhyme, and with a rhythm. He has a wonderful kind wise energy about him, and pulls in wonderful people like you. If you were directed to this site, he has something to tell you. There is a special personal message for you and everyone who visits our Wonderland.

Thank you for visiting our wonderland, wizard!

Wizard Wonderland Front Door | Site Map

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