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...a companion handbook for creating your own Camelot, and mastering the craft of creator.

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You have in your hands the ability to create, shape or mold any reality into being. The very same energy that creates and flows through the entire infinite cosmos, flows through you. It is how you flow this life-giving energy that determines your life experience.

Within these pages, for those who the "eyes to see" and the "ears to hear," Merlin reveals the secrets to awakening the wizard within you. He guides you into remembering and reclaiming your natural state of magic, that of the master magician you truly are.

Let the magic begin ~ It all starts within.

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Table of Condiments (Contents) and Introduction

Return to Your Power
Excalibur (Excerpt)
Once Upon Countless Times
Imagination is Creation
For Your information Friends
The Royal Rule of Reflection
Philosophizing Physics

Your Magic Wand
The Wholly Grail
The Main Message
Attention Seed-Sowers!
Mastering Magic
Flow-er Power
Reality Rebels
Merlin's Mathmagic

Royal Reunion
Creating Camelot

The End of Anything is Just the Beginning
The Charm of Making
Merlin's Ten Commendments

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Introduction by Marelin the Magician.

The message that transformed my world came to me because I asked my Self a simple question: Being that we each create our own reality, how can we refine our abilities as fuller awakened conscious Creators? Since the Universal Principle of Law of Attraction is continually in effect, I drew to myself the precise information that was to set me free to be more of me. I have come to know, through my experience, that life can be all that we dream it can be. We indeed are continually creating our realities, whether or not we do so consciously! We are always conscious while we are awake, but are we awake as to how we create while conscious?

The magic of the message is only as good as one allows oneself to put it into practice! It is all too easy to hear what you know is truth, and go right back to the worn out ways of old. So I invite you to refer to this message often, as it was written to be a companion handbook.

As you begin to journey through this book, let your intuition be your guide. The information contained herein is a key to manifesting your heart's desires. The principles I share here are invaluable tools that have worked amazing feats in my life. And, because the Laws of Creation are absolutely unwavering, these principles will undoubtedly fit beautifully within your realm of experience as well. If, as you read these words, you have a sense that they resonate with your innate knowing, that is, if it feels good, then your guidance system is saying, "YES, that's it!" Pay attention within, for you are the complete authority of your life. What I say is so for me, and I continually reap the harvest thereof. This is the avenue through which grand and glorious things have come, and continue to come to me.

When I finally got it, when I truly understood that I can and do create my reality moment by moment, I began to do so with deliberate intent. My expanded awareness of the art of awakened conscious creation has spelled liberation for me. Every day that message becomes increasingly clear. It is my knowing that this is how the Law operates in each of our lives. May these words plant the seed so that you, too, will come to feel MORE of the infinite power that dwells within you.

Marelin the Magician, Mistress of Magic.

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