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"This book is miniature in size, but it's mammoth in its message. It fits in any briefcase of pocketbook. If you find yourself having a problem with any aspect of your life, just pick up the book, open to a page, let your finger find the line and read = Viola! the answer is there."

Continuum Magazine


Your book is excellent! I've started reading it for the second time and it is even better the second time around; it gives a very nice slant on, "THE ALL is MIND; the Universe is Mental."

I just wanted to tell you that just reading Merlin's Message makes me feel good; did you "Spell" the book!? :-)

Your Website front page picture makes wonderful wallpaper, too.

Thanks for writing this book - I am sure that it has helped hundreds or even thousands of people at present; it sure has helped me and I thought I had reached the pinnacle of ways to use the Mind.

Blessed be,

Louis G. Sikes
Author of the Wizard's Bible

"Truly the Best Book I have ever read--by far! This little book is enormous in its scope, the usefulness and validity of its message, and the light, playful presentation of the most cogent material. Marelin has not only given us the laws of Creation in very simple, loving language, but also a truly beautiful explanation of how these laws work for our unbounded benefit when we apply them consciously. Applying these laws is easy and fun because we're already doing it all the time anyway and because we already know, inside, that what she says is true. Marelin makes it very clear that we do indeed create our own reality--all the time--good or bad; and that we are FREE to choose good whenever we want. Why not NOW? I love this book because it says everything I have always known, but didn't know I knew. I am an author of spiritual books also (check my name at Amazon.com), and Merlin's Message is exactly what I need at the absolutely correct time in my life. I now know that I attracted this book into my life. I cannot recommend it highly enough. READ, ENJOY, AND BE-U-TO-FULL!"

-Jerry Hirschfield, M.A.,MFCC

Best Selling Author of My Ego, My Higher Power, And I and the The Twelve Steps for Everyone...who really wants them.

"It is with great inspiration and joy that I write this letter. I have read your book "Merlin's Message" and have enjoyed it immensely. You could say that I was ecstatic at times. There are many who write books, but you dear, beloved angel, are to be commended for transcribing the messages so clearly as a flowing conduit ... as well as the brevity and passion with which they were conveyed. Through you, a beautiful, short, "Truth-Filled" book has been written, that reminds us how to become more Self-empowered, how to manifest anything we choose to have, and to be more accepting of ourselves, leading to greater Self-Love, and sooo much more. Mere words cannot convey your "Whole" beauty, inspiration and joy I have towards you and the work that comes through you. May you always be inspired beloved "Magician", in Knowing that your book is one of the rare books, worded in a way that they have assisted in triggering this being's consciousness to remember far more than words written. Thank you for sharing such radiance with the Universe."

Eric M. Brodsky,

Founder of The Universal One Foundation
and author of Poetry of the Angels.

Dear Marelin,

"Merlin's Message" arrived Friday afternoon. I "saved" my work, sat down and read it cover-to-cover. I just love it, Marelin. Its size belies the wealth of wisdom you've managed to articulate in your beautiful, little book. Today, I'm sending my copy home with my son for a few days. I've no doubt that reading "Merlin's Message" is just what he needs to inspire him further down his path. I'll be ordering more copies for folks I love. I cannot thank you enough for sharing yourself and Merlin's Message. Peace and Love,

Kitty Connell

Co-Author of Second Messenger


I must tell you, I'm impressed with your book...
you weave the whole message so powerfully put.
Take a few seconds and look what's been spun,
creating a guidebook to achieve 'all is one'.

An amazing collection of positive thoughts,
taking your readers beyond the untaught.
You make it so simple for all to just see,
a message of magic that is pure harmony.

The creation of futures that will grow in their minds,
and it stems from your visions beyond physical time.
Be very proud of what you have done,
captured the moment ...and for everyone!

What you are writing relates here for me,
it's a strong confirmation that our paths do agree...
The Great Illusion is paradox, not to be missed.
Merlin's Message is magic, but without all the twists!

Opening the doors of perception...
Victor Kahn

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Professional Reviews

"This compact book weaves a modern spin on age-old wisdom in a timely message for humankind by revealing insights on how individuals create their realities, and on how they can deliberately create the realities they most want to experience. In a playful, rhythmic style, Merlin's Message cuts right to the heart of how any of us can live a more magical life. Merlin's Message celebrates the inherent magic within every individual, and inspires a reawakening and a remembering that magic is our natural state. Highly recommended."

James A. Cox, Editor-in-chief of Midwest Book Review"

MERLIN'S MESSAGE by Marelin the Magician

Author and visionary Marelin found the means to the transformation of her life from wisdom years old. Merlin's Message contains the Laws of Creation that, since they are unwavering, can resonate in your Self, too. This will allow you to capture positive emotion...and achieve control of your Self, and your creativity.

Merlin's Message comes from deep within Marelin's heart and invokes the beauty of Divine Love that"...knows no limits, has no restrictions and never condemns. It just IS and supports you unconditionally in your expression of creativity."And so, "If you choose to see the positive in things, you will have more positive things to see."

One lesson (of many) this reviewer discovered and embraced can be found on Page 58.."Most seek fulfillment from something or someone outside of Self. Lasting fulfillment can only come from within." Looking outside, I learned, is a reversal of the creative process. "You must first create the feeling of being happy. In this way you attract the energy to support the happiness you are creating".

The power that Merlin's Message brings us is that our power is from within. Marelin reminds us that "You are the creator of all that is real...When you finally know that you create everything, you can create anything!"

Many self-help books tell you what not to do. Merlin's Message, instead, tells you what to do to achieve enablement...and joy. Marelin has given us a delightful pillow book, one that should be referenced daily. In it, this reviewer found a path to "living a magical life"!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews.

Merlin's Message

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