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"I got your book a couple days ago and I have been totally blown away! THANK YOU SO MUCH! for your brilliant insight into the law of attraction and for communicating it in such an aesthetic way. I have been studying LOA for some months now and not really getting anywhere and your book is the last piece of the puzzle for me. I GOT IT! I will be ordering more copies and reading it everyday. It is sooo beautiful and insightful."

"ALL of my copies of Merlin's Message are gone...in good hands, but gone. I need more ... it's been MONTHS and I'm really 'jonesing' to be re-minded :-)"

"Thank you for writing and sharing this book. It is a beautiful book, and I am very glad that I found it when I needed it. This has really helped me a lot. I am sharing your message with everyone who will listen. I have one friend who used to be very negative, but through your message is now in the college she wanted to attend, and got a loan that she and her family thought she would never get. Thank you from both of us."

"My two "bibles" are Merlin's Message and Conversations With God."

"Merlin's Message continues to be my favorite book, year after year."

"Thanks for the great service to humanity. My wife loved your little book. I am ordering three more to spread the love. :)"

"Your book and message is so wonderful that I'm joining your Camelot Club. I'm hungry for more of your wisdom. Thanks beyond WORDS!!!!"

"You've nailed it Marelin!"

"I purchased a copy at THE PHOENIX & DRAGON bookstore in Atlanta, and I will give these as gifts to friends. This book is MAGICAL!"

"I love your book - it has helped me change my whole world."

"The message is all at once profoundly simple, powerful, direct and unifying. Magnificent truth, love and energy embedded in words of awesome inspiration and light. Thank you."

"Dear Marelin,

I want to thank you for your wonderful, inspirational and uplifting little book, "Merlin's Message." It is my little "bible." I carry it with me at all times! On whatever page I open it, its powerful words are enough to remind me of my Divine and Royal heritage. It's the perfect little book."

"Please fwd me advise/info of any other books by this author as "Merlin's Message" blew me away."

"I first bought your book last year, and it totally soothed my soul at a time of intense unrest. Everything is clear now. It's so so simple. I bought 3 more of your books and gave them to friends who have also had life changing experiences as a result. So, from my friends and I, thank you. You will not be forgotten."

"Thank you for such an incredible book! It's just AWESOME! I recommend it to anyone that can read or breath."

"I will tell you that using the creating methods from your mighty little book, I was able to turn a $275 lumber option (I am learning to trade Commodities) into $4,180!!!"

"I received Merlin's Message a couple of days ago, Wow! What a wonderful Book! I couldn't put it down. I've always known that there was something more. I had so many questions that I wanted answers to. I can't wait for Merlin's Energy Owner's Manual! And I will be joining The Camelot Club very soon!"

"Thank you so much for Merlin's Message. It is written so beautifully, and it has helped me out so much! What a wonderful contribution to our world."

"Merlin's Message is the most nourishing and satisfying bit of self-help food I have ever consumed, and recommend it with 5 bright and luminous stars ... It is the information in this book that has made my life what it is today ... truly magical."

"I received your book a month ago, and have been carrying it with me ever since, reading it over and over whenever I get a spare minute. The information in your book is presented in such a loving, concise, and sincere way, that the clarity of your intent shines through. You express in such a unique tone and meter, which allows the message to resonate and stay with me. I intend to buy a number of copies to give as gifts to friends."

"As a scholar of all things remotely metaphysical, I think I know good metaphysics when I see it. Merlin's Message is certainly the most beautiful and succinct carrier of magical knowledge that I've ever seen. I absolutely love it. I am a great fan of clarity in these things, and Merlin's Message is both clear and accurate. But not dry! Most definitely not! What a wonderful piece of work! ... For anyone interested in a magical approach to life, Merlin's Message is a must have. Thank you very much for selling this treasure house of a book. I am grateful that it came to my eyes and my heart. Thanks again!"

"I still love your book. I have given over 50 away in this past year. Here is a check for 10 more. I still think it is the greatest I've ever read. I reread it constantly, and haven't tired of it yet. I haven't seen anything better since."

"It is not often that words are beyond me - but WOW!!! Merlin's Message is second to none. So many things we already knew deep down - yet never heard put into those words that just reached inside and gave us the key that has kept us "locked in" for so many years. When I joined the Creating Camelot Club (subsequently ordering Merlin's Message) I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the book arrived, and did not waste a moment to start reading. It was like a Fairy Tale unfolding before my very eyes. I thank you immensely, I love your meditation tape, and everything you speak about & represent. I have already produced amazing results in my personal life and have just had the most positive career move I have experienced in years. Magical, fulfilling, and of course impeccable timing when I sought your vision. Thank you!"

"Good work on your book. I really love your book. I keep it in my jacket, and have continued to read and study it after my first time through! A lot of information that I enjoyed! It was almost a song or maybe poetry in motion is more what it was. I was also wondering why you are selling your book for such a small price? It is worth so much more! I just can't believe it was so inexpensive. WOW!"

"Your book is absolutely great. I feel the truth in it and am immediately implementing its ideas."

"I bought your book at the store. When I got home, I started to read it and by the end a week I must have read it like 5 times. It's a great book."

"I thought I was alone. I have known this kind of knowledge since I was 14 years old. I am 29 now, and this book is helping me to apply it even more so. Thanks you so much for reminding me of what I knew and had forgotten."

"To Marelin my favorite Magician. I sell your book at my store. It has impacted my world more than you know, and I am eternally grateful."

"What a fantastic delivery of freedom. Your book is beyond wonderful, beyond inspirational. It is liberating. It is magical - the magic of Merlin. Thank you for sharing, thank you for giving. ...Your website makes me feel as though I'm stepping through a doorway into the realm of magic & beauty which I'm sure was your intention. And you succeeded, masterfully."

"I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading metaphysical books for 30 years, including the Abraham materials, Science of Mind and others. I have also given these books out to others through the years. Marelin's book is like a little blue bible (for lack of a better word) in the new energy of the New Now Age. It is simple, well written and speaks to the heart. Marelin's teachings and sharings do the same on her website. I feel so strong about helping others become self-empowered that when a book like this comes along, I will take it and pass it on to everyone that will read it."

"I received Merlin's Message about 2 weeks ago (signed) and I cannot tell you how thrilling it was to read and reread and reread. Several times a week or sometimes a day, I just ask a quiet question and open it to find the answer! I also wanted you to know how much I enjoy your website.....as a matter of fact I enjoy everything about your website. I thoroughly enjoy the way you have created fun in learning the Laws of the Universe. I have sent your website to several friends."

My friends and I love it. I had sent out 14 copies to friends and have another 10 copies coming into the local bookstore this week. My plan is to create the abundance to buy enough copies to hand them out to as many people as possible! I also want to say that the Staff at Marelin's site is incredible for getting back to you and responding with lightening speed. I really appreciate this along with the kindness and comfortable camaraderie that you give back in your replies. I am truly grateful for this site and the book and the staff. I just keep thanking Spirit!

I just received my little book . The joy I feel is magical. I take this book of light and love and place it on the alter in my heart, along with my other special books, where I go often, daily, for meditation. Thank you dear one. Thank you Marelin for this gift and to spirit for leading me to thee.

"Put away the book of Psalms for a moment and watch Merlin's Message open up so many beautiful doors to understanding and coping with the Quest of Life. It is "love in the brightest illuminating light." The minute I received the book I started reading it, and did not put it down until I was through. Merlin's Message has inspired me to create an awesome idea for an animated movie, that has never been done before, that sends "a powerful message!" that would really send beautiful waves across the world. I tell everyone I am in contact with about the book, and they keep wanting to borrow mine. I tell them to visit the Wizard's Wonderland and order one of their own. They are inspired about wanting the book just from my energies talking about its greatness, and how it will expand their horizons in love and life! I just wanted to write you a note of tremendous thanks, and I am serious about you becoming a part of sending your message in another form in the near future, for all to see across the world."

"I WAS GIVEN THE BOOK AS A GIFT AND NOW I WOULD LIKE TO PASS IT ON TOO. I want two of your buy 4 get two free specials."

"I Love your book!!! Your unique insight has absolutely captured me! Thank you and the rest of the staff for me please! There's just one other thing that I think would make my book better and that would be to have it be a hard copy in leather or something, I don't think it being a paperback does it justice."

"Let me say THANK YOU a million times for the lovely little gem, Merlin's Message. This is a masterful creation that has lifted me to new heights! Brilliant writing! I received it on Tuesday and have read it twice, but can't seem to put it down. Every page speaks to me the great eternal truths I need to learn. I carry it with me for a quick lift on demand. This book is one of my all time favorites. What a treasure! And I do have quite a nice personal library. How can I ever thank you enough? It's exactly what I need at this time in my life. Funny how things seem to appear at the perfect time. The light has always been there. It's just that I've been keeping it from shining through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"This little book is incredible! I have sent it on to many friends. A copy even went to Peru. I have told everyone I know about this book, and to get a copy."

"I have the book......bought a bunch....couldn't think of a better gift than the freedom that "Merlin's Message" offers. I can hardly wait to see all these people put this precious gem into action! Thanks Millions! It is truly a delightful and very important book! I am very grateful for the gift, but even more for the information. Thanks for doing what you came here to do.....so many will benefit thanks to you."

"Merlin's Message was given to me by my dear friend. I am already creating my Camelot, and I thank you for the blessing! I am ordering the book for my loved ones."

"Your tiny powerhouse of a book arrived in my mailbox. Whew! Talk about reading something when you most need it! Your book gave me guidance. I was healed and grounded. Your book has inspired me to the point of staying in my love-center, letting it flow through me, and be there with unconditional love."

"I really like this pocket size book. What caught my attention was the great picture on the cover, the retail price and size. I don't see many books that are good. This makes it so available to people who may be experiencing a block in time or cash. As I read it I found it re-affirming for my own beliefs and got a couple of new realizations as well. I want to say thank you and good job on the Merlin's Message!"

"The message, the truth of which you speak, and the words, play like a beautiful melody that truly spins a spell of magic."

"Thanks for the great book. Both my partner and I enjoyed it and found it as a source of inspiration. We are both familiar with the Abraham material and this really supports it. In fact, we liked the book so much that we'd like to order many for Christmas presents."

"I have been inspired by this message and am a frequent visitor to the wizard's wonderland website. Thank you so much!!!!!!! I am extremely proud to PASS-ON this beautiful message to my close friends."

"I just received your beautiful book today, and I want to thank you so much for putting such truth and grace into one little bundle of Joy! I'll treasure this book always, and its so on target with how I am living my life right now that I need to buy lots more of these for all my friends for gifts!!!..."The most valuable truths are those most easily understood." --Bartoli. Your book is exactly such a master piece!!!"

"Your book is priceless and your website so beautiful and inspiring. I read them both daily and I am a more powerful creator already!!! Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you. A MILLION MAHALOS."

"That little book of yours, Merlin's Message, is more powerful than the Bible, Koran, etc. put into one!"

"I got it on Tuesday, and started reading straight away. Please, keep spreading it to people. I am going to pass round to all my friends. the more people read this, the happier the world will be. Thank you very much, yet again."

"I LOVE this little book! Some of it were things I already knew about, but as a whole it really made me think, and I realize that it is true! I am ordering another one now for a shaman friend of mine. I showed her my copy, and she said, "Oh! Where did you get that? I'd love a copy!" Thank you :)"

"I love your book! It is simply wonderful! The message is so clear, I don't know why I didn't get it before. In the past I read "the message" from many different messengers but it seemed so complicated, that I was doing things all wrong according to their instructions and that was why nothing was going right, but now I feel so much hope that things in my life are finally turning around. Worry has left me, I know that I am in charge and can create what ever it is that I desire."

"Your book's truths have already begun to transform the way I think. I can tell that I will be referring to this book back and forth for a long time. Thank you for your kindness and your truths that are powerful and self evident when one is ready to hear them."

"My sister, who like me, is an avid Abraham fan, sent me the book last week. I devoured it and am so very thankful. I am in the process of creating prosperity and plan to order at least 10 copies to share with friends as soon as possible. ...I carry your book with me and refer to it often during the day. Thank you again."

"I was so enthusiastic about the book that I offered myself to translate it into Portuguese, my mother language."

"I'm very grateful to be able to offer my honest, heartfelt feelings about Merlin's Message. It's truly a remarkable book! You have touched me deeply with your kindness... your willingness to share... your profound understanding of eternal truth... and, of course, your precious message. Thanks so much!"

"I recently purchased your little (though it covers the universe and beyond) book, Merlin's Message. I've read and read, written and written, applied and applied...course after course, technique after technique, and I've lived to be who I am, and who I am to be, and I AM! I knew there was a further step, then today, from the first page -- and I am only on page 57...I realized that what I had just read from you (spirit), is all that I have ever wanted and meditated for. I thank you for the connection!"

"The book is awesome. It is the perfect size to carry in my brief case. I read it in the green room before I go on stage. I am a stand up comedian."

"I just wanted to again thank you for the book Merlin's Message. I carried it with me almost everyday for months. I believe in the truth of your words, and I passed the book along to a friend whose load I hope it well help to lighten."

"This delightful little book holds a collection of workable concepts and simple truths. A must for anyone interested in conscious creating. I love the look and feel of it, the color, the way it snuggles into your hand. The writing style is charming and magical; it flows easily, almost like a poem. And of course, the message drips of secrets finally revealed. Marelin's mysterious, sensual nature is imprinted throughout."

"Merlin's Message is now one of my favorites in my "favorite book stack." It makes a great companion."

"I love this book. I carry it in my pocket, and refer to it many times in a day. After a long time of not getting what I wanted, things have changed. I just landed my first role in a movie!"

"The unforgettable catch phrases get me feeling playful with many possibilities and passions in my own life. The brevity and clarity of this small book is a wonderful antidote to how complicated and ponderous I usually approach my heartfelt desires. Merlin's Message has a truly magical effect on me each time a re-read it's advice for creating magic in my life."

"I wanted to go see my parents who live 2000 miles away, and I dread the thought of flying. It scares me. After reading Merlin's Message I decided I was going to return to my power, as I now know how I create my reality, and I was going to do it deliberately. So I sat and read Merlin's Message while waiting to board the plane. I imagined myself visiting with my parents and having a great time, and in no time I was doing the same. I felt fine and the flight was smooth sailing. On the way home I imagined myself in my bed falling asleep and the flight again was flawless. Just wanted you to know how much the message helped me."

"After being informed twice, of the logging industries horrific ways in Oregon, I decided to send the concerned caretakers of the forest a letter and a copy of Merlin's Message. Not long after, I received a letter from The Cascadia Forest Defenders in Eugene Oregon, USA, thanking me for the book and letter, saying that it gave them immediate results!"

"Awesome! Powerful! Beautiful, and to the point. True Inspiration. I want 25 more copies because I want all my friends to have a copy. I can see everyone having one of these. Again, it's awesome. Thank you."

"I have read it. Love it. It's really goooood stuff. . . potent, em-powerful and enriching. I appreciate your making manifest the information in a written format. I have already begun to share excerpts. I have put it on my reception table so that others may share in the gift you have offered me. There is much richness and love in what has been summoned forth, and it shows in the form of this wonderful book, MERLIN's MESSAGE."

"I got your book yesterday--I was so excited when I saw it!! I started reading it late last night--almost finished, but wanted to save the rest for this morning. I finished it this morning and was overwhelmed with how much it touched me! I cried--tears of joy, of gratitude, of love for life, of more that I haven't identified yet . . .The book is magnificent, awesome, magical!!! When I looked at the price and the size of the book, I thought: "What a magnificent treasure contained in this small package of such reasonable price"... I love the artwork, too! I'm in awe!"

"Your little book is a totally precious, delightful, an uplifting experience. I'm sending you a check for five more copies. This is just a start. I am going to spread this message around the world."    

"Thank you lots for your wonderful book. I have enjoyed your unique way of putting things. I keep it in my car and read it again when I'm at lights or stuck in traffic. It is a great reminder. I put one of your phrases on my computer as a screen saver, "Keep in mind that you get to keep what you keep in mind" 

"I just wanted to say I love your book. I ordered 2 and now wish it was 10. I will be ordering more shortly. It's really interesting. I called everything you were teaching, how to be a Jedi (Starwars) but was missing lots of pieces to the puzzle. Thanks so much for your insight and wisdom. Although, I've practiced bits and pieces of your book I could never put it together. Now thanks to you it's making sense."

"This book is head and shoulders above what others have written. I want tons of copies to give to all those I love. This little treasure has 100 gems on every page. It is content rich."  

"I simply treasure it more than I can relate. The wisdom is pure, and it is very well put together. I am looking forward to a most powerful visit again and again into the author's world here, to re-establish some very old bonds with truth and power."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful book. It is filled with positive, abundant thoughts and suggestions that I enter an "altered state" when I read it -- a state of true magical reality, which, as you say, is our true state of being. Your book is so full of lightness and joy. It's a pleasure to read. My order for eight copies is enclosed. Please send them fast! I want to give them to all my friends. Thanks again for your terrific book. I'm going to read it again, several times. I'm looking forward to receiving more of them. I love the way you play with words and write in rhyme. All the best to you in your continued play."

"I have enjoyed reading Merlin's Message it has opened a vortex for me, thanks again."

A reviewer from Amazon had this to say...

"HOW TO BE HAPPY AND HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE! I have read over 600 self help books in my life and so far this little book is the best one yet. Direct and to the point, power packed on every page, and fun to read. It has the best information on how to REALLY create what you want in your life. It really works and it FEELS GOOD! Don't let the small size fool you! Every page will astound you with some of the most valuable AND USABLE information you'll ever find. I have given this book as gifts to all my friends and every person I gave this book to has thanked me over and over and told me how it has changed their lives. It has changed mine as well. The information in this book is directly responsible for my perfect mate, who is now my wife; my salary increased by $30,000 in 1998; and I am now the adored manager of a prominent firm! Don't let another day go by without this valuable little gem.

"I give my personal thanks to you both for the knowledge you have shared with me, and the magic that you have created for me and for so many others."

"I love my little book, Merlin's Message."

"I adore your site, have purchased the book and love it. I have referred all my friends and plan on purchasing 10 copies of the book next payday for Christmas presents."

"In deepest gratitude.... I have to tell you, when I first read "Merlin's Message" I had an overwhelming feeling of joy. "This is my book! I wrote this!" The so-called "idle" thoughts that reflection brings, there in writing. Cohesive, clear and bright as day. Your message is just what I need right now. And it is seen that I drew this to me, but I honor you as the vehicle. I knew the truth of everything you said. I guess this has been a "dark night of the soul". The emotions have been strong enough to cloud my perception, and again I thank you for dispelling the shroud of fog. Glory: BE!"

"I'm reading Merelin's Message now, and love it. I carry it in my purse and read it whenever I get some spare time during the day. Really helps me stay with good vibes."

"The cover is very beutiful and the book it's self is a work of helpful art."

"Your book's content exceeds any superlative that I could ever hope to come up with!!"

"Thank you so much for your book! It is such a pleasure to read again and again."

"Your book is beautiful. A friend from work lent me his copy of your book, so now I am ordering my own and a couple more for friends. He last introduced me to the Seth books.Your book seems to take some of that information and condense it into a very easy to understand form."

"Thanks for putting so much in such a little book."

"I was litteraly guided to your book--entered a bookstore and walked right to it....Each page filled my heart with joy."

"Bought the wonderful book...I absolutely love it."

"I bought Merlin's Message & the magic began. Thank You."

"I was at the Bodhi Tree last night and recommended your book to a bunch of people, but listen to this ... as I was telling someone who actually works there what an amazing book it is, he told me that an old guy comes in every month and buys 8 -10 copies each time."

"I purchased "Merlin's Message" while in Sedona this spring. I since then passed my copy on to my niece. I am ordering again, because I must have one of my own!"

"I gave my first copy to someone who needed it much more than me and really miss it. I am getting One for my car, One to carry around and one for a friend! It is an AWESOME BOOK. I'd RECOMMEND Merlin's Message TO ANYONE! I Missed not having it around all the time!"

"Your book is incredible and awe inspiring."

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