Everyone is the creator of all conditions and experiences in their life, even if they deny that they are ... they are creating none the less. When they get less than what they want, it simply in their mind could not be them bringing it to them, so they feel it must surely be an outside force creating for them. Because no one in their right mind would create anything less than what they want. It is not the right mind but the left mind, the mind they left behind and forgot to use on purpose. You who are reading this may want to become a purposeful, more fully awakened creator. That is what we play with here in the Wizard's Wonderland.

Your dreams become reality while playing in this mystical magical land. Contrary to popular belief, nothing is ever too good to be true. If something feels good to you, it is telling you what is true for you. When you are being true blue to the real you, you never feel blue, therefore you have accessed your powerful sword from the stone. You are now living and reigning on physical earth as it is in nonphysical heaven.

When you live heaven on earth you are living as the Royal being you were born to be! If you think that is too good to be true, you get to be right as creator, even though it feels all wrong. The Universe always mirrors back to you who you are being, by what I call the Royal Rule of Reflection or what physics calls Law of Attraction.

Here in the Wizard's Wonderland you live your dreams, instead of just dreaming about living them.

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Here are what some famous dreamers have to say about living theirs dreams: Included are quotes from comedians, talk show hosts, authors, actors, actresses, championship players, and award winners.  


"Ever since I was a kid I wanted a song I wrote to be in a movie."

"I dreamed BIG! I can tell you, the imagination is such an incredible tool."

"I am having the life I always dreamed of as an actor."

"I've got to tell you that this is a dream come true."

"I dreamed of greatness."

"I visualized most everything I have created."

"I am on this stage because I dreamed of this, and if you want to be where I am, don't give up the dream."

"Since I was very young, I fantasized about interviewing the person that I will be interviewing on my show today."

"When I went to read for the role, I felt that there were a lot of other actresses that would be equally as good for the role. I sat down, closed my eyes and visualized me on that show. I saw myself right where I am now."

"I always dreamed about being on Saturday night live. I can't believe you could do this just by dreaming."

"If anyone out there wants to be where I am, I tell you that I dreamed all of this into being, and so can you."

"My dreams took me right here."

"As a child I fantasized the life I am living now. If you can dream it you can achieve it, that is my motto. I used to imagine sitting on a couch and being interviewed, now I am interviewing people sitting on the couch."

"I breathed, ate and lived the dream of winning this competition twenty four hours a day."

"A friend and I used to sit around and dream about doing our comedy acts on TV when we were in radio, and now here I am, forty years in TV."

"I have been a dreamer all my life. In school I would day dream out the window and now I am living those day dreams."

"I dreamed of this!"

"If you believe, and want it enough, nothing is impossible."

"For those of you out there, who don't believe that dreams can come true, I am here to tell you that they do. I am living my dream."

"It was my life's ambition to see a book I had written on a shelf in a bookstore. Everything that has happened since has been extraordinary and wonderful, but the mere fact of being able to say I was a published author was the fulfillment of a dream I had had since I was a very small child."

"I imagined my dream lover into being!"

"Designing costumes for a movie is a dream come true. I thought it would be great to someday do a movie like the remake of Planet of the Apes."

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Dreams do come true. They come true through you!

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