The Wholly Grail

"When you have had your fill of unfulfillment, you will find the satisfying nourishment that comes from within. Sip from the soothing thirst-quencing grail. Be a glutton for good feelings. Fill yourself full of what you love. Then you will find that you cannot take in one morsal or drink one drop of anything less than who you are!"
Merlin's Message Excerpt © Marelin the Magician 1998

When you find yourself taking note of who you are not, (that being anything less than what you want as experience)... take a moment and remember who you are. Breathe it into your center, then breath it out from you into infinite space, right through the center of the star you are. Then breathe it back to you, through you, with the power of All-That-Is! And watch the magic unfold, as you have just expanded the infinite beyond where it has ever been.

There is no beginning or end to the amount of power you possess!

When you FEEL the vastness of the infinite Universe you have just ADDed to more of All-That-Is, as All-That-Is, is exactly that--everything. And everything that you look at, and notice to be true, expands to become even more of what makes up All-That-Is.

You are that powerful. You are so powerful and free that you can and do create everything, whether it is something you want to create or not. The only thing that ever holds you back from finding the Holy Grail is lack and limitation.

Holy Grail is loading...

Drink of that which you are from the center of the Source that you are, and you will draw to you a rich abundant life.

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